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Tactical Voting

If we want to Stop Boris in this election, we must all vote tactically. Find recommendations for your constituency here.

Tactical voting can be confusing, so we have written some answers to common questions.


Q. What is tactical voting?

Tactical voting is when someone votes for a candidate they wouldn’t normally support in order to stop someone else winning.

Q. I feel uncomfortable voting for a party other than the one I belong to/prefer.

We understand that loyalty to a party often runs deep and in a ‘normal’ election you should, of course, vote with your conscience. But this is not a ‘normal’ election. If a Conservative/Brexit government is returned with a majority, we will almost certainly be leaving the EU and under the worst possible terms. The only way to stop this is to vote tactically and to vote in numbers. We are asking all our supporters to set aside their party loyalty where necessary and vote to enable a ratification vote to stop Brexit. The MP in your constituency can be voted out in five years’ time (or less!). Brexit is a lifetime decision.

Q. Why are Wales for Europe advocating Tactical Voting?

In this election, we are campaigning to ensure we return as many pro-Remain, pro-PV MPs as possible and this means we must ensure the Conservative or Brexit Party candidate does not win. This means we will have to vote tactically. Some of us will be lucky enough to be able to vote to help stop Brexit by voting for our preferred candidate. Unfortunately, a combination of the First Past the Post system and tribal voting means that some of us will need to ‘lend’ our vote to the candidate most likely to beat the Conservative or Brexit Party candidate. For example, if it is neck and neck between a Conservative and a Remain-supporting party in your constituency and you normally vote for a different Remain-supporting party, you could ‘lend’ your vote to the tactical vote candidate to increase their chances of defeating the Conservative. We are urging you to vote for the best-placed candidate to defeat the Brexiter. Nigel Farage has decided to stand down all his candidates in seats where Conservatives won in 2017. This is a tactical manoeuvre to try to gain a majority for Brexit. The Brexit Party will be standing in seats like Gower, Vale of Clwyd and Cardiff North in an attempt to oust the Remain-supporting Labour MP.

Q. Are Wales for Europe recommending individual candidates?

No. We are reporting on the recommendations of the tactical voting sites and voters are invited to make their own decision based on the tactical voting data available.

Q. What is the remainer pledge?

Wales for Europe has written a pledge:
“I believe that peace and prosperity across this continent, as well as the interests of Wales and the UK, are best served by our continued membership of the European Union. In a new referendum I will campaign to Remain in the EU.”
We have asked all candidates standing in Wales to add their name. You can see a list of all candidates who have signed the pledge here.

Q. How do I find out who to vote for?

Voters can compare the suggestions from different tactical voting websites at https://tactical.vote/compare?ru=1&couk=1&pv=1&bfb=1. Please note that suggestions are likely to change if circumstances alter. Please refer to the site shortly before voting.

Q. Will it matter if I do not vote tactically?

In many constituencies, tactical voting is absolutely critical. There are constituencies where votes for Remain-supporting candidates other than the tactical choice will result in splitting the Remain vote, allowing the Conservative to win. If all or most of the votes had gone instead to the tactical vote candidate, then he/she could/would have won. It would be particularly distressing to see a Conservative or Brexit Party win for this reason.

Q. What outcome is likely if enough people vote tactically?

It is impossible to say as there are so many variables, including turnout. However, if enough people take part, we would see a hung Parliament as the most likely outcome, which would be good news when it comes to stopping Brexit.

Q. There seems little chance of a Remain win in my constituency. What should I do?

You can still vote tactically! Elections are very unpredictable, and we are likely to see some ‘safe’ seats changing hands. If you want to do more than just vote, get in contact with your local group to find out about the events they have organised in the run up to the election. Many are helping the campaign in more marginal areas.

Q. I don’t fully agree with the policies of Labour, the Lib Dems or Plaid Cymru. What should I do?

Does it really matter when the alternative is a Conservative majority government and Brexit within weeks? Not really; you will be able to vote your MP out again in 5 years’ time, or most likely much sooner. Voting for a party you don’t fully believe in is difficult, but it is vitally important in this election.

Q. I don’t like Swinson and I don’t like Corbyn. How can I vote for them?

Remember you are not voting for Corbyn or Swinson, you are voting for YOUR MP in YOUR constituency. Your vote is only relevant to your constituency.

Q. Why don’t all constituencies have the same party as their tactical vote option?

Because the tactical voting recommendation is calculated on a constituency by constituency basis, and does not favour one party over another, or one policy over another. It is based purely on which remain/PV supporting candidate is most likely to beat the Conservative candidate in that constituency.

Q. I favour revoking Article 50 over a People’s Vote.

You may well do, but it is not in your power to decide that. If you do not vote tactically you will enable a Conservative government and certain Brexit. It is ultimately up to Parliament to decide on how to deal with Brexit, and that is why the makeup of the new Parliament is so important.

Q. I think this election should be about Climate Emergency and getting Green MPs.

The climate emergency is the biggest issue facing humankind, and the matter of Brexit may seem small compared to the matter of saving the planet. However, stopping Brexit is essential to tackling the climate crisis. A Johnson government will not prioritise measures to address the emergency and will be more likely to pursue policies which exacerbate the situation. All the parties in favour of a second referendum or stopping Brexit have pledged to tackle the climate crisis in their manifestos. In this election, stopping Brexit is the only way to stop the climate crisis.

Q. What do I do if two remain MPs have a chance of winning in my constituency?

There are some seats in Wales that have been tightly contested between different remain parties. In this case we would advise referring to the comparison of tactical voting sites for the best option for your constituency.

Q. What about the Remain Alliance?

There is an alliance in place between Plaid Cymru, the Lib Dems and The Green Party in 11 seats across Wales. In these constituencies, only one of these three parties will be standing. If you live in one of these constituencies, please check the tactical voting comparison website for guidance, as the tactical voting sites do not always recommend one of these parties.

Q. I am going to vote tactically. Can I do anything else to help?

You can get in touch with your local group to find out about the activities they have organised in your area. Many have organised leaflet drops, street stalls, Brexitometers and hustings, and all these activities require willing volunteers to help them run smoothly. Many local groups can also guide you to activities in any nearby marginal constituencies, constituencies where conversations with just a few people could make a real difference. You can also donate to our campaign so we can fund more leaflets and campaign materials.