3,015 messages sent to MPs

Wales For Europe’s Remain Pledge

Wales for Europe asked all candidates to pledge to campaign to remain in the European Union. Though the election has been and gone these are the candidates who signed this pledge:

“I believe that peace and prosperity across this continent, as well as the interests of
Wales and the UK, are best served by our continued membership of the European Union.
In a new referendum I will campaign to Remain in the EU.”

Is your MP on this list?




Aberconwy Jason Edwards Liberal Democrats
Lisa Goodier Plaid Cymru
Blaenau Gwent Stephen Priestnall Green Party
Chelsea-Marie Anne Liberal Democrats
Brecon and Radnorshire Jane Dodds Liberal Democrats
Bridgend Madeleine Moon Labour
Jonathan Pratt Liberal Democrats
Alex Harris Green Party
Cardiff Central Jo Stevens Labour
Bablin Molik Liberal Democrats
Cardiff North Anna McMorrin Labour
Steffan Webb Plaid Cymru
Rhys Taylor Liberal Democrats
Michael Cope Green Party
Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty Labour
Nasir Adam Plaid Cymru
Dan Schmeising Liberal Democrats
Ken Barker Green Party
Cardiff West Kevin Brennan Labour
Boyd Clack Plaid Cymru
Callum Littlemore Liberal Democrats
David Griffin Green Party
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Jonathan Edwards Plaid Cymru
Carmarthen West and South Pembs Marc Tierney Labour
Alistair Cameron Liberal Democrats
Ceredigion Mark Williams Liberal Democrats
Chris Simpson Green Party
Clwyd South Susan Elan Jones Labour
Christopher Allen Plaid Cymru
Clwyd West Huw Elfed Williams Plaid Cymru
David Wilkins Liberal Democrats
Delyn Andrew Parkhurst Liberal Democrats
Paul Rowlinson Plaid Cymru
David Hanson Labour
Dwyfor Meirionnydd Liz Saville-Roberts Plaid Cymru
Gower Tonia Antoniazzi Labour
Sam Bennett Liberal Democrats
John Davies Plaid Cymru
Islwyn Zoe Hammond Plaid Cymru
Jo Watkins Liberal Democrats
Catherine Linstrum Green Party
Llanelli Mari Arthur Plaid Cymru
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney Brendan d’Cruz Liberal Democrats
Monmouth Yvonne Murphy Labour
Hugh Kocan Plaid Cymru
Alison Willott Liberal Democrats
Montgomeryshire Kishan Devani Liberal Democrats
Neath Daniel Williams Plaid Cymru
Adrian Kingston-Jones Liberal Democrats
Newport East Cameron Wixcey Plaid Cymru
Peter Varley Green Party
Newport West Jonathan Clark Plaid Cymru
Ryan Jones Liberal Democrats
Ogmore Luke Fletcher Plaid Cymru
Pontypridd Alex Davies Jones Labour
Fflur Elin Plaid Cymru
Preseli Pembs Cris Tomos Plaid Cymru
Rhondda Branwen Cennard Plaid Cymru
Shaun Thomas Green Party
Swansea East Dr Geraint Havard Plaid Cymru
Chloe Hutchinson Liberal Democrats
Swansea West Michael O’Carroll Liberal Democrats
Geraint Davies Labour
Dr. Gwyn Williams Plaid Cymru
Torfaen Morgan Bowler-Brown Plaid Cymru
Vale of Clwyd Glenn Swingler Plaid Cymru
Chris Ruane Labour
Vale of Glamorgan Anthony Slaughter Green Party
Wrexham Duncan Rees Green Party
Carrie Harper Plaid Cymru
Mary Wimbury Labour
Ynys Môn Mary Roberts Labour
Aled Ap Dafydd Plaid Cymru