Welsh Liberal Democrats

Do you believe a trade deal with the EU must give Wales full and unfettered access to the single market?


Will you resist ‘no deal’ with the EU and defaulting onto WTO terms?


Will you support a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal?


Will you support Wales continuing to receive its current level of total funding?



“I believe that Britain is better off within the EU as a tolerant, open country working closely with our friends and neighbours. Any barriers to trade with our largest and closest trading partners could be hugely damaging to the Welsh economy, so I think we should be fighting to stay within the single market and customs union. I respect the previous vote to leave the EU as a mandate for negotiation, but we didn’t know the details of the final destination then. When the deal has been negotiated and we know the actual terms I think it should be for the British people, not politicians, to have the final say on whether to accept it, or to remain a member of the European Union.”

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