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Here, you’ll find other campaigns and organisations making their own, unique case for Europe. Whether you’re from elsewhere in the UK or even from the rest of Europe, we are united by our cause.

Ymgyrchoedd eraill

Yma, y cewch hyd i ymgyrchoedd a mudiadau eraill sy’n dadlau dros Ewrop yn eu ffordd unigryw eu hunain. Os ydych chi i rywle arall yn y DU, neu hyd yn oed o weddill Ewrop, mae’r achos yn ein huno.

Open Britain Logo

Open Britain

Open Britain is campaigning for Britain to be open and inclusive, open for business, open to trade and investment, open to talent and hard work, open to Europe and to the world. 

Open Scotland

Open Scotland is the partner organisation to the Open Britain and Wales For Europe, in Scotland.

The New European Newspaper

The New European – a cosmopolitan, optimistic, intelligent and expansive collection of news, analysis, voices, sport, culture, business, travel and the arts – celebrates the best of Europe.

Students for the EU

Students for the EU is a leading student movement in Wales and the UK which is working to stop Brexit and to shape a new way in UK politics for the future. Campaigning against Brexit and for votes at 16 they also hope to retain the European values we all hold.

Vote Leave Watch Logo

Vote Leave Watch

Vote Leave Watch is a grassroots campaign dedicated to holding the Vote Leave campaign and their allies to account for the overblown, misleading claims they made during the UK’s 2016 referendum on our membership of the European Union.

Britain For Europe Logo

Britain For Europe

We are a coalition of cross-party grassroots groups formed both before and after the referendum. We all share the belief that Britain thrives when it assumes its leadership role within the European Union. Britain For Europe is currently staffed entirely by volunteers with an executive committee drawn from across the political spectrum.

European Movement logo

European Movement

The European Movement UK is a grass-roots, independent, pro-European organisation, working to give a voice to those who believe that Britain’s future lies side by side with our European partners.

The New Europeans Logo

The New Europeans

New Europeans is a civil society organisation that works across Europe to champion the rights of European citizens and those who wish to become citizens of Europe, including the rights to free movement and non-discrimination. Their immediate priority since the referendum has been to safeguard the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens in the EU.

The New Europeans Logo

Cornwall for Europe

Cornwall for Europe is a grassroots organisation campaigning for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.

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