Time left until the General Election
3,015 messages sent to MPs

The most important election for 75 years. A turning point in the Brexit saga.

  • So we can REMAIN a leading member of the European Union
  • So we can focus on improving the lives of all
  • So we can start healing our country
  • So that we do not waste another decade

Vote for candidates who will give you the final say.

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Election 2019

Remain Pledge

Wales for Europe has asked candidates to pledge to campaign to remain in the European Union. See the candidates who have signed.

The Big Lie - 'Get Brexit Done'

The Government would have you believe that if they win this election the Brexit saga will be over. Not true. Read the reality of the Tory manifesto.

Key Welsh Marginals

Wales has 40 constituencies. Find out about the most vulnerable seats based on previous election results.

Guide for young people

Students and young people could have a massive impact on the election result. Read our guidance and find out where to vote.

Key dates

Voter registration has now closed. But there are more important dates to remember before the election on December 12th.

Tactical Voting

Tactical voting is tough, and can be very confusing. Read our FAQs and find out recommendations for your constituency.

Top 5 reasons for staying with Europe

Reason #1: Peace

A guarantee of peace so that we never against relive the past

Reason #2: Jobs

Our biggest single market - 500 million customers safeguarding 200,000 Welsh jobs

Reason #3: Environment

A necessary safeguard when pollution knows no borders

Reason #4: Rights

Setting a world standard for equal rights for all

Reason #5: Security

On the inside fighting international crime and terrorism

And here are 226 more

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