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The fight continues

The UK may have officially left the EU on 31st January 2020, but the Wales for Europe campaign and the work of our local groups across Wales will continue. To share your thoughts about the next phase of our campaign, contact heledd@walesforeurope.org.

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Our supporters and organisers have written articles expressing their opinions and commentary on the campaign and recent events

Trump's action should give Johnson pause for thought

Remain Pledge

Wales for Europe has asked candidates to pledge to campaign to remain in the European Union. See the candidates who have signed.

The Big Lie - 'Get Brexit Done'

The Government would have you believe that if they win this election the Brexit saga will be over. Not true. Read the reality of the Tory manifesto.

Letters from our supporters

Our supporters have penned their opinions on recent events - if you'd like to contribute email us at hello@walesforeurope.org

Brexit. Where to now? - Supporter Letter


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Top 5 reasons for staying with Europe

Reason #1: Peace

A guarantee of peace so that we never against relive the past

Reason #2: Jobs

Our biggest single market - 500 million customers safeguarding 200,000 Welsh jobs

Reason #3: Environment

A necessary safeguard when pollution knows no borders

Reason #4: Rights

Setting a world standard for equal rights for all

Reason #5: Security

On the inside fighting international crime and terrorism

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