Time left to stop Brexit and secure a People’s Vote

About Wales for Europe

Wales for Europe is a grassroots, cross-party and no-party campaign that seeks to prevent a damaging Brexit. We want to see Wales fully engaged in Europe for the foreseeable future.

We are legally a partner organisation to Open Britain, which now operates under the People’s Vote banner.

It is our view that Brexit would threaten many interests vital to Wales and the UK and to individual citizens, as well as the interests of Europe as a whole. In or out of the EU, geography and all our current connections dictate that our economic, social, cultural and political relationships with the rest of Europe will remain a matter of primary importance.

It is our view that Wales and the UK must continue to:

  1. Protect the economy of Wales and the UK through remaining inside the European single market and customs union
  2. Protect current levels of investment in Wales that we enjoy as full members of the EU
  3. Protect dignity and equality within society through countering any weakening of EU employment and anti-discrimination rights
  4. Continue to value talents and skills that workers from abroad bring to our public services like the NHS
  5. Protect the natural environment by ensuring that current EU protections are not diminished
  6. Protect our national security by maintaining close cooperation across the continent in dealing with threats
  7. Safeguard the constitutional stability of the UK, respecting the rights and interests of all the devolved parliaments
  8. Safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms through continued membership of the European Convention on Human Rights.


About #NotMyBrexit

Wales has more to lose from Brexit than anywhere else in the UK.

From our industries, farms and fisheries and the world-leading research departments within our universities to our environment, individual rights, and our language, the painful results of Brexit would be felt acutely for decades to come.

Life has moved on since the 2016 referendum. We know so much more now than we did then, and the situation we’re facing isn’t one anyone wanted.

This autumn the UK Parliament will face a crucial vote on Brexit.

It’s up to us to make sure our MPs use this opportunity to put the interests of the nation above those of their parties. We need to make our voices heard so that, when the time comes, they reject this giant step backward and give us the right to our say through a People’s Vote.

Join us. Tell your MP this is #NotMyBrexit.