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About Wales for Europe

Wales for Europe is an independent, cross-party and non-party, collaborative grassroots organisation.

We believe that Wales and the UK are inextricably European by virtue of geography, shared history, culture, trade and values.

We believe that continued close cooperation with the European Union, its member states and other European organisations is in the best interests of the continued prosperity of the whole continent.

We campaign and organise events and activities

– to promote close cooperation between Wales/ the UK, the European Union and other European bodies in order to promote peace, prosperity and friendship in Europe

– to promote and support the rights of EU citizens who live and work in Wales and the UK

– to encourage the public and authorities to value the talents and skills that workers from other EU countries bring to our public services like the NHS

Since 2016, a network of local grassroots activist groups has developed across Wales as part of the ‘Wales for Europe’ movement. These local groups are the lifeblood of our activities and campaign.

We will collaborate with other like-minded organisations in Wales and elsewhere in the UK.

Join us.