Time left to stop Brexit and secure a People’s Vote

About Wales for Europe

Wales for Europe is a grassroots campaign to retain full membership of the European Union for Wales and the UK, believing it to be in the best interests of the peace and prosperity of the whole continent. It is independent of political parties. 

Legally, Wales for Europe is a partner organisation to Open Britain, which now operates under the People’s Vote banner. Within this close partnership Wales for Europe is self-governing, led by its own Executive Committee. It is supported by local groups that cover every part of Wales.   


The UK’s economic, social, cultural and political relationships with the rest of Europe – deep and intricate as they have become over more than four decades – are a matter of primary importance and a source of strength in this unstable world. 

In an era of strong continental powers, it is not in the interests of the UK or of Wales that we stand apart from one of the most successful and powerful economic blocs in the world.

We believe that the vote to leave the EU in 2016 was in large part, particularly here in Wales, a response to the economic effects of the 2007-8 financial crash as well as the resulting impoverishment of public services. We need to reverse these effects, for the sake of all our communities.  

The last three years of debate have, in our view, demonstrated beyond all doubt that to leave the EU threatens many interests vital to Wales and the UK, to individual citizens, to our society and our security, as well as the interests of Europe as a whole. No other option has been shown to offer an overall advantage over our current full EU membership.  

Wales for Europe will, therefore, campaign for a new referendum in which the people can consider again the matter of our membership of the EU, now that we know much better what is possible and what is not, and what the consequences might be. In that People’s Vote we will campaign to remain a full member of the EU.

We will campaign honestly and truthfully to stay in Europe, not simply for the status quo, but also to reduce the regional inequalities that have blighted the UK for so long, and to refresh the policies and processes of the European Union. 

We believe that the UK should remain a member of the European Union for 10 compelling reasons: 

  1. To protect and advance the economy of Wales and the UK by retaining our membership of the European single market and customs union – our largest single market.
  2. To continue to take advantage of the EU’s many progressive programmes which have provided vital support to Welsh businesses, agriculture, universities and communities. 
  3. To help create a balanced country with fair shares for all nations and regions, and compassionate welfare systems with no hostile environment.  
  4. To protect our natural environment and climate by full participation in the continent-wide protections and standards which have been developed over decades of EU membership.
  5. To continue to value the talents and skills that workers from other EU countries bring to our public services like the NHS.
  6. To protect dignity and equality within our society by taking full advantage of the EU’s progressive employment and anti-discrimination rights. 
  7. To safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms through continued adherence to the European Convention of Human Rights. 
  8. To protect our national security by maintaining close continent-wide cooperation against all internal and international threats. 
  9. To safeguard the constitutional stability of the UK, respecting the rights and interests of all the devolved Parliaments.
  10. To play a full, creative and constructive role in the development of our continent – its institutions and economy, its society and culture – as an essential part of our national mission.

About #NotMyBrexit

Wales has more to lose from Brexit than anywhere else in the UK.

From our industries, farms and fisheries and the world-leading research departments within our universities to our environment, individual rights, and our language, the painful results of Brexit would be felt acutely for decades to come.

Life has moved on since the 2016 referendum. We know so much more now than we did then, and the situation we’re facing isn’t one anyone wanted.

This autumn the UK Parliament will face a crucial vote on Brexit.

It’s up to us to make sure our MPs use this opportunity to put the interests of the nation above those of their parties. We need to make our voices heard so that, when the time comes, they reject this giant step backward and give us the right to our say through a People’s Vote.

Join us. Tell your MP this is #NotMyBrexit.