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A Statement from Wales For Europe on the Brexit Deal

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“A deal is preferable to no deal. But this is a trade deal that creates barriers, rather than removing them. We can expect delays at our ports, extra bureaucracy for importers and exporters, higher prices in the shops, all piled on an economy struggling to recover from coronavirus.

“When the dust settles on our ports, when weakened supply chains have stumbled into life and when the self-righteous headlines have ended, we will still be feeling the damage to our economy, to opportunities for everyone from scientists to holiday-makers, and to our reputation in the world.

“No opposition party should cast its vote in favour of this deal. The UK government has made political choices to get us to this point, and that government alone must carry the can.

“Looking forward, Europe is our closest partner and we hope that from tomorrow, we can begin to rebuild a closer relationship once again.”