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Wales v Ireland – Statement

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Peter Gilbey

Statement by Geraint Talfan Davies, Chair, Wales for Europe • Cymru dros Ewrop

“The people of Wales will give Irish rugby fans their usual warm welcome to Wales this weekend. While there will be no quarter given on the rugby field, off the field Ireland and Wales face a common threat from Brexit. That’s why Wales for Europe’s supporters will be out in Cardiff on match day to express a real solidarity between Ireland and Wales on this issue.

“The businesses of both countries, especially their farming and food industries, stand to suffer immense harm from Brexit. But there are even bigger issues at stake.

“We are angry that our government wishes to take so many risks with our own economy, in ways that will undoubtedly impact on Ireland, but we are aghast at the risks the Government is taking with peace in Ireland. The amnesia shown by some British politicians in relation to all that happened in Northern Ireland – 3,500 deaths, 47,500 injured – is utterly dishonourable.

“Our common membership of the European Union was key to achieving peace in Northern Ireland. We want to see that framework for peace and prosperity continue. We cherish the relationship between Wales and Ireland and will fight Brexit all the harder to safeguard it.”

Wales v Ireland – EU Welcome

Saturday 31 August 2019
Principality Stadium, Westgate Street, Cardiff
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