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#SwanseaWalk4EU – Want to support me?

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Edmund Sides

I am overwhelmed by the messages of support which I have been receiving by email and on social media since the walk was announced.  Thank you all for your support which has definitely given me a big boost.

I am in the process of setting up a network of support coordinators along the route for people who want to offer to help.  Support is need by way of a limited number of people walking with me on individual legs of my journey; and also in providing support vehicles (rest stops, luggage transfer and emergencies); plus offers of food and accommodation for myself and anyone else who may have come from further afield. 

For the first part of the walk, the point of contact for dealing with offers of support will be either via the Swansea for Europe (if you live in the Swansea area) or via the Cardiff for Europe (if you live in Wales outside the Swansea area) Facebook pages. Details of other coordinators along my route will be announced later.

If you want to make a financial donation, there are two options you can consider:

Donations to Wales For Europe

If you wish to support the efforts of Swansea for Europe and Wales for Europe to secure a referendum on the final EU Withdrawal Agreement, then you can donate here, via the Wales For Europe website.  Such donations will be used to support their campaigning efforts to get a referendum on the final deal, including costs related to participating in People’s Vote March in London on 23rd March.

To donate to Wales for Europe please click here.

Donations to selected charities

If you do not want to donate to the Wales For Europe campaigning activities, I would really appreciate if you would donate to either The Big Issue Foundation or the Woodcraft Folk; charities which I support.

To do so please click on the following link:


Clicking on the individual links on that page will take you to a page providing more information about the charity and the option to donate to it.