3,015 messages sent to MPs

Article 50 has been triggered.

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Peter Gilbey

Now that the formal process for leaving the EU is underway, it is even more important that the Welsh voice is heard in this intense, continuing debate about our future relationship with Europe.

There is work to be done – we do not have to let the Brexit machine run its course, unchecked. Whether we voted Remain or Leave, no-one voted to be poorer. People did not vote for fewer jobs, for fewer rights in the workplace, for weaker consumer and environmental protections, or for higher prices. There is no majority for a hard Brexit.

As an independent, grassroots organisation, campaigning to support the closest possible continuing relationship with the EU, Wales for Europe is committed to bringing Welsh voices together to press for the best deal for Wales.

Strong, enthusiastic people are joining the growing number of local groups which together make up Wales for Europe. Members say how proud and moved they were to march with our banner at the Unite for Europe in London recently and to have a renewed focus for campaigning.

We are made up ofvolunteers like you

  • who want and deserve a better future our communities,
  • who will not buy into empty phraseslike ‘Brexit means Brexit’,
  • who will resist policies that risk crashing our economyor our society,
  • and who have a vision of the future that includes working with and cherishing our European neighbours

Please spread the word that Wales for Europe will be a voice for Wales. Triggering Article 50 is not the end of the debate, but the opening of a new phase. We must be heard.

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