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Strong turnout in Colwyn Bay!

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North Wales For Europe held their first event in Colwyn Bay last night, with fantastic results. Guest speakers at “Bothered by Brexit?” included Wales For Europe Director, Helen Birtwhistle, former leader of Plaid Cymru Lord Dafydd Wigley and Welsh Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Roger Roberts.

With the UK Government set on pursuing a reckless hard Brexit, the vital Welsh car manufacturing industry is at risk, with Toyota, Ford, Siemens & GM facing higher tariffs outside the European Single Market – falling back on WTO rules is absolutely unacceptable.

Other issues discussed were:

  • Wales For Europe’s aim to invigorate and strengthen the 48% who voted Remain and to reach out to those who voted Leave
  • The Welsh Government‘s White Paper (jointly submitted between Welsh LabourPlaid Cymru) on Brexit, which we encourage everyone to read
  • The brain drain of vital talent from Wales and the UK to the rest of Europe
  • Funding losses to Higher and Further Education and agriculture
  • The cultural and economic benefits immigration has brought to Wales
  • 42% of EU migrant HCPs are minded to leave because of Brexit, they need to be made welcome
  • The EU has made the UK safer through vital humanitarian work in less developed countries and important environmental protections

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