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The Welsh Government’s case in the Supreme Court

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Peter Gilbey

The forthcoming appeal of the case between Gina Miller and the UK Government over whether Prime Minister Theresa May needs the UK Parliament’s approval before triggering Article 50 has taken on more players, one of which is the Welsh Government. In its submission, the Counsel General has given its reasons, from a Welsh perspective, as to why the UK Government cannot press ahead without consulting the UK Parliament. These take two main forms:

  1. Leaving the EU modifies the competence of the Senedd and the Welsh Government under the 2006 Government of Wales Act
  2. It would break the long-established “Sewel Convention” which requires the UK parliament to seek permission from the devolved parliaments if it seeks to create new legislation affecting devolved matters

Indeed, the modification of the competencies of the Senedd would be altering primary legislation which is argued cannot be changed without the consent of UK MPs.

This is significant, not just for Wales For Europe, but for Wales as a whole. It is an opportunity to take back control and make sure our voices are heard in any negotiation. This is a question of respect, a respect that is absolutely necessary, in a modern union of nations such is the UK.