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Cardiff North Canvassing

Cardiff Caersalem Chapel (St Mellons Baptist Church), Tyr Winch Road, Old St Mellons, CF3 5US

This is a door-knocking event with the Labour MP Anna Mcmorrin in Cardiff North. Her majority is only 8% with the Tories close behind – this seat is key for the Remain camp and we can’t stress enough that YOU are so important to keeping Cardiff North for Remain. This is a priority area for Anna as it might be more vulnerable to voting for the tories! Anna is a passionate pro-remain MP and we must do everything we can to support her to be re-elected in Cardiff North.

This event will involve, canvassing which means knocking on doors, finding out if people are voting for Anna and finding out what issues most concern people who haven’t yet made up their minds. Anna’s team will explain everything you need to know on the day! There will be experienced campaigners there so even if you’ve never done this before, have a go – and make a difference!

Interested in attending?