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#CelebrateEurope #DathluEwrop rally in Newport

Newport The Wave, The Riverfront, Newport

We’re launching a new campaign #CelebrateEurope #DathluEwrop. We want to celebrate the positive changes that can be made through solidarity with our European neighbours – whether it’s freedom of movement, the fight against climate change, or for workers’ rights.

Join us by The Wave on the Riverfront in Newport, to celebrate Europe and its role in protecting our environment. Help to send out a clear message that need to stay in the EU to work together to fight climate change and preserve our natural habitats.

Confirmed speakers

Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith OBE, CEO of Afonydd Cymru, Caring for Welsh Rivers

Mirka Virtanen, Deputy Leader, Wales Green Party.

This is a free event, but please use our Eventbrite page to let us know you’re coming so we can gauge numbers.