3,015 messages sent to MPs

Street Stall Llandudno Stondin Stryd

Llandudno Waterstones, Mostyn Street, Llandudno, LL30 2NG

Join us to spread the word about the need for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal – a deal which satisfies no one and solves nothing.

This will be part of a UK-wide national day of action, just a few days before MP’s vote on May’s Brexit deal.

This will be a chance to talk to the public, share views and make the case that the people of the UK need to be given the final say.

All welcome – whether you’ve been campaigning for years or whether this is your first session. We’ll make sure there’s an experienced volunteer to support if you’re new to campaigning.

Join us for the whole morning, or come just come for a shorter time if that’s all you can spare.

Interested in attending?