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Protest outside Alun Cairns’ public meeting

Cowbridge Outside the Duke of Wellington

The Vale of Glamorgan for Europe group will hold another visible protest outside Alun Cairns’ public meeting about Brexit on Thursday. Meet outside the Duke of Wellington at 5.45pm, before constituents go into the meeting for 6.30pm.

So many residents in the Vale of Glamorgan are incredibly frustrated with our MP – he is not representing the views of his constituents, nor, as Secretary of State for Wales, is he looking after the interests of the people of Wales.

We know – and he knows – that Brexit, particularly a no-deal Brexit, will be incredibly damaging for our country. The Government’s own “Operation Yellowhammer” documents prove it.

What is being delivered is not what voters were promised during the referendum campaign in 2016.

Bring your family, friends, flags and placards – he said he missed us last week in Barry Island! ?????????