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Internal Market Bill

Sample Letter to Conservative MPs in Wales

Dear xxx,

The Internal Market Bill published on 9th September is a major cause for concern.

It threatens to undermine the Withdrawal Treaty through domestic legislation and, as clearly stated by the Northern Ireland Secretary in the House of Commons on 8th September, breaks international law.

You won your seat on a platform that supported the Prime Minister’s ‘oven-ready deal’. This deal was based upon the Withdrawal Agreement, and you voted to support this Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament on 23rd January. To support any legislation that undermines the Withdrawal Agreement is a breach of your manifesto promises.

To renege on the Withdrawal Agreement is also hugely damaging to the UK’s international reputation, creating a reputation that we are not to be trusted and will not honour commitments made with our international partners. The damage to our global standing will be significant.

In addition, to support legislation that threatens the stability of Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement is a reckless act.

The Internal Market Bill also threatens the devolution settlements and commitments made to the people of Wales.

Will you therefore commit to voting against this Bill to:

– honour the manifesto pledge on which you were elected;

– protect the UK’s reputation as a nation that abides by international law;  

– respect the devolution settlement in Wales

– demonstrate your commitment to peace in Northern Ireland?

I trust that, as my elected representative in Parliament, you will not support this Bill and urge your colleagues to do the same.



Sample Letter to Labour MPs in Wales

Dear xxxx

The Internal Market Bill – due to receive its second reading on Monday 14th September – is a constitutional outrage.  It aims both to rewrite Wales’ devolution settlement – which was confirmed in two referendums – and quite deliberately provides for the Government to breach international law.  

Far from getting Brexit done, it jeopardises the prospects of the trade deal with the EU that the Government promised at the 2019 General Election.  And by breaching the Withdrawal Agreement and endangering the Good Friday Agreement, it destroys any prospect of a constructive relationship with the EU – our nearest and largest trading partner – for the foreseeable future. It will damage our economy and will do incalculable damage to Britain’s standing in the world.  And it represents and existential threat to devolution here in Wales.

I am pleased to see that the First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS, has condemned the Bill in the strongest possible terms on behalf of the Welsh Government.  But I am asking you to take a robust stand at Westminster too.

Throughout the four years since the 2016 referendum, the Labour Party has been clear that it would be unthinkable for the negotiations with our nearest neighbour and largest trading partner to fail. I therefore urge you to reject this Bill. This is not what the public voted for. I urge you to use your voice and your vote in Parliament to condemn the breaking of international law and to reject the Internal Market Bill, as a first step to restoring the UK’s international reputation and restoring the prospects of securing a trade deal.



Sample Letter to Plaid Cymru MPs

Dear xxx,

The Internal Market Bill published on 9th September is a major cause for concern, and I am pleased that Plaid Cymru has spoken out so strongly against the Bill.

As you know, the Bill breaks international law, reneges on the commitments made in the Withdrawal Agreement, threatens any chances of a Trade Deal with the EU this year and therefore takes us closer to a No Deal scenario, and disregards the devolution settlement as voted by the people of Wales in two successive referenda.

The Bill risks huge damage to the international reputation of the UK, to the peace settlement in Northern Ireland and to the future of the economy and independence of Wales.

You have my full support in voting against this Bill in order to:

– respect international law

– avoid a No Deal Brexit

– protect the devolution settlement in Wales


Annwyl xxx,

Mae’r Mesur Marchnad Fewnol a gyhoeddwyd ar 9 Medi yn achos pryder mawr, ac rwy’n falch bod Plaid Cymru wedi codi llais mor gryf yn erbyn y Mesur.

Fel y gwyddoch, mae’r Mesur yn torri cyfraith ryngwladol, yn gwyrdroi’r ymrwymiadau a wnaed yn y Cytundeb Tynnu’n Ôl ac yn bygwth unrhyw siawns o gael Bargen Fasnach gyda’r UE eleni. Felly, mae’n mynd â ni’n agosach at sefyllfa Dim Bargen, ac yn diystyru’r setliad datganoli fel y pleidleisiodd bobl Cymru drosdo mewn dau refferendwm yn olynol.

Mae perygl y bydd y Mesur yn achosi difrod enfawr i enw da rhyngwladol y DU, i’r setliad heddwch yng Ngogledd Iwerddon ac i ddyfodol economi ac annibyniaeth Cymru.

Rwyf yn cefnogi’n llawn eich penderfyniad i bleidleisio yn erbyn y Mesur hwn er mwyn:

– parchu cyfraith ryngwladol

– osgoi Brexit Dim Bargen

– amddiffyn y setliad datganoli yng Nghymru

Yn gywir.


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