3,015 messages sent to MPs


The Government would have you believe that if they win this election the Brexit saga will be over. Not true. The claim is like a Russian doll – a lie within a lie.


Big Lie 1: ‘Get Brexit done.’ It won’t be over, or done. All a Conservative victory will do is fire the starting gun on years more of tortuous negotiations.


Big Lie 2. ‘We have a deal.’ No we don’t. All that’s agreed with the EU are the terms of our departure. On the future, all we have is a political declaration aspirations from both sides.


Big Lie 3: ‘Negotiations will be finished by the end of 2020’. No-one outside government believes this is possible. Negotiations with other countries on much less ambitious deals have taken between 5 and 10 years.


Big Lie 4: Danger of a ‘No Deal’ crash out of the EU has been averted. No it hasn’t. If the Government had enjoyed a majority in the last Parliament, it would not have allowed Parliament to block a ‘no deal’ Brexit. If it has a majority in the next Parliament, it could easily engineer an even harder Brexit. The warning lights are still flashing.


Big Lie 5: ‘Getting Brexit done’ will allow us to concentrate on our other problems. On the contrary. Brexit will worsen our economic difficulties, making it more not less difficult to tackle the problems the country faces. Staying in Europe will make it easier to tackle those problems.


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